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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time for another teaser from my latest WIP! Enjoy ;-)

Ember studied the target’s information a little longer then decided to head to bed. The plan of action would take form when she wasn’t concentrating on it so much. Besides, before she could officially start the job for Sebastian she needed to close out another job. She stopped in the kitchen to pick up her cell phone before making her way upstairs.
She sat on the bed looking through her contacts searching for her last client’s number. It was time to get her final payment. Not to mention the fact that she was tired of looking at the finger in her freezer every time she went for ice. Which was often, surprisingly enough. Finding the number she was looking for she hit dial, listening to the other line ring.
“Hello?” Came from the tiny speaker.
“Mr. Kerns. It’s Ember. You hired me to do a job for you last month?” Ember responded.
There was a sharp intake of breath before Mr. Kerns answered, “Oh, yes. Yes, I remember. What can I do for you, Ember?”
She smiled, “You can give me my final payment, Mr. Kerns. I’ve been trying to reach you for the last two weeks. The job is done. When would you like to meet so I can give you the item you requested and get my final payment?”
“Oh, um, hmmm. Well, as you know I’m a very busy man. Let me check my schedule and, uh, get back to you,” Mr. Kerns stammered.
Ember’s smile turned cruel and her voice had dropped an octave when she answered, “That’s not going to work for me, Mr. Kerns. See, I’m also a busy person; probably much busier than you. We need to meet sometime this week and you need to make that happen. You know where my office is. If you don’t meet me there by the end of this week you won’t like the way things turn out. There is a reason my services are recommended so highly. When you were checking into my background did you find any complaints? Any unhappy clients?”
Mr. Kerns let out a nervous laugh, “No, Ember. But you already know that. Okay, I can meet you at your office Wednesday afternoon. Is one o’clock good for you?”
She rolled her eyes. She’d really been hoping he would meet her sooner but Wednesday was better than not at all. She didn’t have the time to hunt him down for her payment.
“Wednesday will be fine. I’ll see you at one o’clock, Mr. Kerns,” she answered curtly and hung up.
Business taken care of Ember placed her cell on the charger and changed into her night clothes. She crawled into bed and turned off the light.
©Once a Thief by DJ Shaw

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