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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just a little something I'm working on right now. Currently untitled (but am thinking of some while I write). Hope you enjoy ;-)

What do you know about Changelings? Did you know that they are the sick children of The Fae, often dying before being placed in a human’s baby crib? That’s right. A Changeling is what a replacement child is called. You see, The Fae isolate themselves and because of that, along with their extensive interbreeding, they are in real fear of dying out. So to keep their bloodline alive they snatch a healthy human child from their cribs, right out from under their parents noses, and place their own Faerie offspring, sick and dying, in the vacated cradle.
The sickly Faerie child is Glamoured to look like the stolen human child. Or maybe the parents are Glamoured to believe the dying otherworldly babe is theirs, I’ve never really understood that part. Maybe I should ask someone, they might know. Either way the human child is snatched in the middle of the night and taken to live with The Fae while the Faerie babe is left to die. Seems cruel, doesn’t it? Unfair, perhaps? But that’s the way of The Faery Folk and it’s been done this way for centuries. No one has ever been strong enough to break the vicious cycle. No Changeling babe has ever survived to question the fairness of it all. Until…no, wait. I can’t speak of it loudly least the Queen of The Light Court or the King of The Dark Court, or Heaven forbid both of them, should hear.
Come closer. Let me whisper it in your ear. Perfect.
No one has ever questioned the ways of The Fae. No human has ever cared enough for their sick Changeling so changes could be made. Until now. I see the shock and disbelief in your eyes but you must have noticed a small difference. It gets so hard to hide it, but it is manageable. There, there it is. The acceptance. Hi, my name is Peyton Milne and I’m a Changeling. I’m the one Fae outside of The Faerie Mound that is prepared to change the ways of the Fae. I’m about to rock the Fae world in a way nobody has ever been able to.
©Untitled WIP by DJ Shaw