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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hey you! Yes, you. Come closer because I’ve got a secret to tell you. Remember me? That’s right, I’m DJ Shaw and I’m back with a vengeance. Have you gotten your copy of my Paranormal Romance, “Blood Lust”, yet? It’s only $0.99 and available wherever you get your eBooks.

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Cartiogwyn sat down hard in her easy chair and let the letter fall from her numb fingers. She couldn’t believe that her Great-Aunt Prudence was dead. Though she hadn’t known her very well, she’d been family. In fact, she was the only family Catriogwyn had left walking the green earth alive.
She was surprised that she’d been included in the will. She hadn’t seen Prudence since she’d been a little girl, and even that had been from a distance. She supposed that if you wanted to get technical, Catrigowyn could be called Prudence’s Great-Great-Aunt.
Catrigowyn wasn’t human, and hadn’t been for a long while. She’d been taken from home, late one night. Long ago, she’d lived with her sister, Freya, and Freya’s husband, Aidan. The couple had two children, Kristen, who had been four at the time, and Thomas, who’d been two.
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