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Sunday, October 19, 2014

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 22 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink (volume 2), totaling almost 150.000 words / about 400 pages as a PDF.

The suggested donation is $5. Funds are raised via and all proceeds go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Readers can also donate to the charity organization of their choice (with a focus on breast cancer) and email their receipt to receive their copy of the anthology in either PDF, ePub or mobi (kindle).

Here is a teaser from my contribution, "Blood Lost" Book 2 in The Pink Rhinestone Tiara Series:

Catriogwyn followed Mr. Kemp into his office, taking a seat in front of his desk as he settled himself behind it, “I would like to sell my Great-Aunt’s house. I’ve started the process but I don’t have enough experience in this field to even begin to understand the paperwork. I was wondering if you, or perhaps someone you can refer me to, can help me through this process.”
Mr. Kemp stippled his fingers, nodding while she had been talking. She was never one for small talk so she had just gotten down to business. She figured the sooner she got the house sold, the sooner she could return to her quiet life back in Chicago. She had no idea that her life wouldn’t be quiet again.
Mr. Kemp cleared his throat before he spoke, “I can certainly help you sell the property, Ms. Stacey. But first I have to ask you if you’re absolutely certain that this is something you want to do.”
Even though she knew the question was coming she still groaned softly. “I have a life in Chicago, Mr. Kemp, with a job. I’ve been here for three months with nothing really to show for it. There isn’t a place in this town that will hire me for the kind of work I do. Unless you know of a place? I like this town and the house but I have to return to my life at some point.”
Mr. Kemp nodded. “I understand. What is it that you do for work again? I don’t remember if you ever told me that. I’m pretty sure I can help you find a job here if that is the only reason you want to sell the property. I know your Great-Aunt had said that you can do whatever you wanted with the place, but I was under the impression when she drew up her will that she had hoped you would decide to stay here.”
Catriogwyn wasn’t sure what to say to that. If Prudence had wanted her to stay, she was sure it would have been in the will. Wouldn’t it? Maybe she just hadn’t read between the lines as much as she’d thought she had? The only excuse she had was that she had been in shock after discovering that Prudence had known what she was.
“I’m not so sure about that, Mr. Kemp,” was all she said.
Catriogwyn pulled the escrow paperwork out of her bag, placing it on the desk between the two of them. She didn’t say another word while Mr. Kemp picked it up and started looking it over.
He cleared his throat. “I see what you mean by not being able to make any sense of this. It seems that the person who drew these up didn’t really know what they were doing either. What we need to do is work on an asking price and whether you’re going to fix the place up before you sell, not that the place needs that much sprucing. And that’s just to start any proceedings.”
She looked at the paperwork in the lawyer’s hands and then at the lawyer himself, What does he mean ‘the person who drew these up’?
She understood why those items would be important but she couldn’t figure out what he was talking about where the paperwork was concerned.

© DJ Shaw

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