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Sunday, November 22, 2015

$0.99 for a short time

Alpha Shifter Seductions is STILL $0.99, but only for a LIMITED TIME! Make sure you get your copies today

Here's an excerpt from my contribution, "Changeling's Revenge":
Peyton sighed again as she sat up, clutching the satin sheet to her chest to make sure she remained covered, “All right, handsome. I’ll meet you in the living room. Let’s see what you’ve come up with and go from there. Maybe we can do a little more of this getting to know each other action before I leave for the night.”
Basil paused on his way out of the bedroom and looked at her with a smile, “Sure, if we have time. So you enjoyed yourself, yeah?”
She returned his lazy smile with a sexy one of her own, “Oh, yeah and I think we should make time to go a second round.”
He gave her a wink and turned around, heading out the door. Basil padded into the living room bare footed. He’d decided it would be too much trouble to put his socks, shoes and shirt back on and if Peyton truly decided to go another round with him before they entered The Faerie Mound then the extra clothes would just get in the way and annoy him.
It was clear to him that he wasn’t going to get her out of his system anytime soon, And she clearly feels the same way. I only hope we can get these plans nailed down first. I’d definitely like to have sex with her again and again. And again. However many times she can handle it.
Basil figured he had a few minutes before Peyton made an appearance out of his bedroom so he went into the kitchen to get some drinks. Most women, human or supernatural, he’d been with took their time getting dressed after a rough and tumble with him. He didn’t mind though because it gave him time to collect himself and decide whether he wanted them to stay over. So far, he’d never asked anyone to stay the night. He had a feeling that might change with the Fae woman he’d just taken to his bed.
Peyton was sitting on the sofa, the bed sheet wrapped around her, “You must have read my mind. I’m absolutely dying of thirst.”
He handed her a glass of soda and nodded to the sheet engulfing her body as he had a seat next to her, “Decided it was too much trouble to get dressed, huh?”
She looked down at the sheet then blushed when her gaze met his again, “Well, that’s part of it. Truthfully the sheet just feels amazing on my skin. I hope you don’t mind.”
Basil shook his head and gave her a wink, “Not at all. But don’t blame me when my mind starts to wander and can’t focus on any plans. You know, I might just start remembering how you look lying naked beneath me, writhing in ecstasy.”
Peyton’s blush deepened as she hastily stood, “In that case I should probably get dressed.”
He grabbed her hand, stopping her from hurrying back into his bedroom, “I was just teasing you, beautiful. If you’re comfortable then, by all means, keep wearing my bed sheet. Besides blood red is a good color on you.”
She had just returned to her seat, still feeling more vulnerable than she cared for when she noticed that Basil’s attention was on something standing in the middle of his hallway.
There was a deep, rumbling chuckle followed by, “My, my, Basil. I told you this would happen. It was only a matter of time. Though I certainly didn’t expect it to be so soon.”
Basil felt the color drain from his face as he quickly got to his feet, “Boss! I wasn’t expecting you. Oh, er, I mean why have you graced me with your presence?”
Peyton looked from Basil’s now pale face to the newcomer slowly making his way down the stairs into the living room. She saw a cloven foot and her surprised gaze followed the length of what appeared to be a long goat leg without fur. The skin was a deep red and as her gaze continued to travel upward on the being who’d just dropped in she saw that the color never changed. The uninvited guest continued his descent and Peyton saw the leathery wings attached to his back. Finally he stopped and took in the scene before him. Her gaze finished taking in the newcomer’s look and noticed thick, curling horns on the top of his head and realized with a start that Lucifer, Basil’s boss, was standing before them.
He gave her a once over, causing her to regret being in Basil’s bed sheet, “So, Basil, want to tell me again how you’re not going to sleep with the Changeling?”
Basil shook his head, held his hands up and moved so that he stood between Peyton and Lucifer, “Boss, this isn’t what it looks like.”
Lucifer only raised an eyebrow in response and Basil continued, “Okay, it’s exactly what it looks like, but I can explain.”
Lucifer chuckled again, “Oh this I’d just love to hear. What possible explanation could you have for forgetting your place, not to mention the job, and fucking the client, our Changeling? Especially after you swore it wasn’t going to happen.”
Basil opened his mouth to speak but his boss raised a claw, cutting him off, “No, wait. I’m still trying to figure out your reasoning for this. I know! Why don’t we call Rodion so that he can be here for this explanation? I’m sure he’d enjoy watching you squirm. Besides the fact that he was supposed to be the one standing here in this moment but I chose to collect the progress report myself. I suppose it’s a good thing that I ordered him to stay home.”
Basil was already having a problem with his boss standing in the middle of his living room while Peyton sat on his sofa in his bed sheet looking unsure of herself. He was positive that he wouldn’t be able to keep his cool if they added his twin into the mix.
Peyton chose to ignore Lucifer’s mention of being their Changeling and stood, “Well, if we’re going to turn this into a party I believe I’ll just go put some clothes on. Nice to meet you in person, Lucifer.”
Lucifer nodded his head in acknowledgement and watched her walk past him toward Basil’s bedroom.
©Changeling's Revenge by DJ Shaw A Contribution to the Alpha Shifter Seductions Boxed Set

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