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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Have you seen the cover for my book, "Blood Lust", that +Brandy Dull made for me? She's done an amazing job!!! "Blood Lust" comes out Feb. 27th and I can't wait for you guys to read it!

The next morning found Catriogwyn at her Great-Aunt’s estate, waiting for the attorneys to arrive. She got out of her rental car that she'd picked up earlier that morning, and smoothed imaginary wrinkles out of her dress. She’d arrived fifteen minutes early so she could get a look at the house and the grounds, just in case Prudence had, indeed, left the property to her.
The front yard needed a little work, but it seemed that someone had been doing their best to continue some kind of upkeep. She slowly made her way through the front yard and stood in the middle, looking at the house.
It was in pretty decent shape. Painted white with blue shutters, it looked in better condition than the yard. Every shutter was in place, every board on the porch looked almost new. Someone had obviously taken great care in making sure the house didn’t fall apart. She briefly wondered who it could’ve been, then decided she probably didn’t want to know. She shook her head and made her way into the backyard.
The back was a completely different story than the front. It needed severe weeding and mowing. There was what appeared to be a grapevine trying to take over, fighting among the overgrown grass and plethora of weeds. As she climbed through the jungle that was pretending to be a yard, she took notice of the rose bushes peeking over some extremely tall weeds. There were so many different colors, she felt as if she was walking toward a rainbow that she could touch.
©Blood Lust by DJ Shaw (coming Feb. 27th)

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